Frequently Asked Questions

We want to be honest with you, 100% transparency when it comes to our treatments. Below are some questions we get asked regularly, but if you feel we didn’t answer yours, send us a message and we will get back to you!

How does it work?

The process is the same as braces, we clean the tooth, protect the enamel and then using adhesive, we apply the crystal or gold piece of your choice.

Does it hurt?

No way josè! There are no drills, no holes, no pain & no problem!

Is it super glued on?

HELL NO! Sure back in the 90’s you might go to your local nail shop and they would apply a cheap crystal with nail glue, but not us! There is no super glue, nail glue, no more nails or gorilla glue in sight! The adhesive used is dental grade, the same used to put your train track braces on, it completely safe!

How long does it last?

As long as you want it to! We use the top quality dental grade products on the market that have been tried and tested to ensure longevity. We like to recommend anywhere from 1 month to 2 years (however we find them last much longer than that) as long as you’re looking after your new shiny baby!

Is it reversible?

Totally, we understand you like to change up your style; the same way you might change your hair or piercings, Crystal Canine is completely reversible with ZERO damage. Simply go to your local dentist or hygienist for safe removal.

I wear a retainer, I have veneers, can I still get it?

Unfortunately tooth gems won’t stay very long term on veneer’s or false teeth, if for example you have veneer’s on your front teeth, but not the others, we can apply onto your natural teeth, If you wear a retainer, please bring it to your appointment so we can place the tooth gem around it. It’s no problem at all!

What products are used?

At Crystal Canine, we care about your teeth and just wanna enhance your smile! We use the best dental products on the market, genuine lead free Swarovski crystals, 22k gold, white gold and .1 CT diamonds!

What if I lose my tooth gem, will I swallow it?

In all honesty, maybe! But don’t stress, all the products we use are totally safe to be in your mouth, if you lose a gem, it’ll just come out the other side, if you have any product left on your tooth, you can have this removed super easily and quickly at your local dentist or hygienist.

I’m not sure what I want?!

Don’t sweat, we got you, come see us to see our selection of gold & white gold and look at our crystal menu and displays in person! Photos honestly don’t do our wide selection justice.

What gold pieces do you have in stock?

We usually have a wide range of our gold pieces, however, these go quickly. If you want something specific, send us a message and it can be ordered in just for you. We can do everything from old English letters, star signs, brand logos and more.

Are you a dentist?

I’m not, I’m only qualified to apply your tooth gems. I won’t remove them and can’t help if you have a tooth ache!

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With over 150 options of crystals, gold, & diamonds, you can get something uniquely you! From loud and proud to subtle shine, as well as everything in between. We will get your smile looking real cute, real soon! Wanna feel inspired? Have a look at our virtual crystal menu to see just some of the possibilities.

Booking Enquiries

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